The Century J Curve saga


As you will know I was not happy with the build of the named rod,yes we had agreed I was and still am a tart,hence it actually going away to be built professionally and it also gives me something to look at while striving for the ever perfect rod build.One day it will happen,well…..maybe.Anyway Matty R from South Wales on W.S.F has it,told him there was no rush as have one or two other rods to use,but blimey do I miss it,Can’t believe how quickly you get used to the feel of it and nothing seems right,from the casting of it to playing the odd fish.Some of you will know it developed the brown staining caused by a naff hi-build finish,algae gets under the hi-build and leaves a rusty looking stain,the majority of people when buying a second-hand rod would be put off by this(If its got bnhg’s or an old rod it probably is rust),but I have since found out if you get an old toothbrush you can gently scrub the area clean,well 8 out of ten times lol.Matt and I agreed that I would have a new set of guides and return the old ones if they are ok,well it sounds and looks like I will be treating the old pro-am to another refurb with kwags lol.Thirty year old rod and it will still whack a bait out as far as I can throw one with the J curve,further than I can put a bait with the Sonik Pole,it would tear my shoulder if I did.(sorry off topic)

So anyway Matt stripped the butt ring tonight(Pardon!) and found the staining is definitely just that,no rust visible.


So just so all of you know,don’t panic if your rod is newish and showing signs of age,it is nothing major and will cost you a small fortune to get it to look like it did when leaving the factory.

Yes I like my fishing rods to look nice and the j curve is no different,starting to look worthy of the money I paid for it.


The charcoal will go darker when the hi-build is applied.

Can’t wait to christen it when I get it home,I mean with a fish not a gravel rash.

Not knocking Century obviously a hand-built rod will be a better quality one than mass produced.The blanks on these new rods are amazing,the next one I will get built by Wozza or Matt.Seems the best route to go down,unless you’re not a tart that is .