A little catch up.


Since my last post I have been out a few more times,having this week off has given me the opportunity to fish the big tides,however the weather has dictated a big part of where and when unfortunatley.The first venue was Sandy Gap,we got there early so the apprentice had time to set up,ok to be honest the old-timer had got it wrong on the previous session (wiping egg off my face) even though it was still productive so it saved embarrassment,no it never had anything to do with the British summer Time carp honest!

The tide hit the stones and as i did so the angler to our right unhooked a fish and released it,looked rather like a doggy,was looking promising for another good session.The tide momentum died a little and contrary to first thoughts the fishing was slow.I had parked myself so that one rod was in the rougher ground and one fishing on the sand,hoping for the best of both worlds,well to be honest I was hoping for anything now,I landed a 5 beard rockling which I have not caught since March/April I think.A sure sign of the winter species coming back in,it had to be a five beard though and not a shore or three beard,both of which I have not caught yet this year.Who said fishing is a relaxing stress relief hobby,far from it for me at times.


The fishing was slow and the fresh crab had pulled out a rock’o at least.In the distance we could see many blue tip Iights it looked like an army of blue rinse brigade coming over the stones,lights here ,there,everywhere,just as I thought oh well that’s that then,the rod tip of the excalibur took a knock and I brought in a reasonable 30cm whiting,then a small deformed codling,Saw a few of these a couple of years a go,my first this year tho,either it gorged itself so much it’s eye’s were popping out of it’s head or it was merely deformed I hope it’s the first,what a way to go.



That was the last fish I saw,Kris however got the best catch of the night,fishing with a two hook flapper,keeping things nice and simple somehow managed to get his n dubs hat caught up in the top hook,was a sight seeing him strip of his scarf and undo his jacket, thought I had missed something and he was doing the full monty at one point,it was due to the hat being that big he could tuck it into his wellies…? Me personally, it reminded me of being at school and your mother knitting mittens with a long strand of wool that was attached to each mit and actually went down each sleeve,now mum at the age of fourteen if I lose my mits I lose them and it will be done on purpose.Everyone else had fingerless gloves so they could roll some home-grown šŸ˜‰ .Anyway after ten mins I said sod it bent the hook and yanked,can’t stand them chav hats so when there was little damage I was greatly disapointed.This really brought an end to the session,we saw the bloke who had fished the tide in catch and release a few,one lad saidĀ someone next to him had a 2 n half codfish but as long as someone caught I thought.Role on the next session.

This was at Silecroft again ,as I got set up two lads packed up and I had the beach to myself 28mph winds from the north west,not nice but a shame to freeze the crab ,give it a go.IĀ pondered as I got set up two hours before high actually a good sea on and they up and leave,when was the last time I took a shower I asked myself…..?After all they were downwind of me.Set up,only using one rod,I should have taken the pole but the Excalibur was chosen again,the plan was to hold the rod,after the recent build on it the last thing I wanted was for a tripod to go crashing.It was clear why the others had left,with the wind picking up and the amount of weed about conditions were difficult to say the least,So I felt bites but didn’t connect with any useless git.Was a night where I learn’t a lot and caught nothing.

The next session was the septic pond, looked at the weather and saw a Ā nice few hours weather window,could get a few species for this months list,light gear grabbed,small hooks,crab n maccy what could go wrong,eradicate this run of blanks before it turns into one.I was hoping it would all be good,tried the best I could,how the hell was I blanking,mid afternoon my usual spot,fish galore,water was really high due to the big tides,no fish biting was this the reason,or was there a big predator and the tiddlers were hiding,lots of debris floating around also.I went to my usual spot for a black goby,normally you can reel them in two or three at a time,not today,an hour had passed ,I hadn’t seen a fish,what’s going on I thought to myself.I looked up at the clouds as I saw rain drops hitting the water,so the weather prediction was wrong also,why was I surprised at that.Natures way of reminding me that a fish is a bonus,the enjoyment is in the chasing.Well I was having no enjoyment from it,the heavens had opened,just a showerpoof top on so I was offski,tail between my legs and the blank doe’s turn into a full-blown run that’s two!

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