The Century J Curve saga


Just an update really,reason for the reblog,as you will be aware I got the J curve back from Matt,he did a fab job and it’s great to be fishing with it,I forgot how good it was(as if).

Not only does it feel the part but it now looks the part too, cheers Matt for turning a good rod into a great one,Just looking at the build has made me aware of where I can better mine so it was worth while in my eyes.

A few pics:


One of the most annoying things for me was the lack of hi-build over the decals,Matt did a grand job with this.





As you will know I was not happy with the build of the named rod,yes we had agreed I was and still am a tart,hence it actually going away to be built professionally and it also gives me something to look at while striving for the ever perfect rod build.One day it will happen,well…..maybe.Anyway Matty R from South Wales on W.S.F has it,told him there was no rush as have one or two other rods to use,but blimey do I miss it,Can’t believe how quickly you get used to the feel of it and nothing seems right,from the casting of it to playing the odd fish.Some of you will know it developed the brown staining caused by a naff hi-build finish,algae gets under the hi-build and leaves a rusty looking stain,the majority of people when buying a second-hand rod would be put off by this(If its got bnhg’s or an…

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