Be Careful


Spotted what I thought would be a bargain on Ebay,open to offers it said,a bare bones bass,needed some TLC,no probs can turn that around to make it a little better looking I thought,offer accepted woohoo.A project to do over xmas,keep me occupied and away from the sh1t on the goggle box.Ok it didn’t cost a great deal but the blank was supposed to be fine.When it arrived instantly I could tell it was a rebuild not a great one either.Checked everything was in the right place where it was supposed to be etc.The reflective tip tape was over the top I thought,full piece’s between the first two guides not spiralled,what’s that hiding….? it looked new,scraped it off with my thumb nail,it came off easily,low and behold big slices taken out of the blank between the tip and first guide down.”I didn’t know it was there” was the reply when I contacted the seller.Likely story,obviously done when rebuilt before,quite big slices taken out of the tip so will give it a few casts before I rebuild it.

Why didn’t you send it back I hear you cry,because I am a tool.stripped the butt after looking over the rod before I became suspicious of the tip tape.

Heard another couple of stories of fake zziplex’s and damaged ones,Recently heard about a lad up the coast bought a zzipy on flea bay,first cast and the tip near exploded.

So Gent’s please don’t learn the hard way,don’t be so eager to part with your hard-earned wonga,if it looks and sounds to good to be true it probably is.To many fake’s and rip off merchants out there.No longer will I buy a rod off there.Just be careful guy’s make sure you know what you’re getting.