Dry Spell


As you will be aware I have done reasonably well this year for my standard of fishing as far as the species hunt goes.Have made a little more effort and had some success at targeting some species.While doing this I have neglected my other personal goal of a Flounder over 2 lb came close at 1 lb 13oz on the last session.So the plan this Saturday was to target flounder,then the night tide target coaley for the hunt and those 3 beard and shore rockling that have managed to evade my hook this year so far.

So off to Ulverston slag banks we went.


Weather was great,dry and surprisingly warm.Hoping for a bag full,very optomistic….yes I really was,armed with some fresh blacks cheers Terry 😉 and maccy, hopes were sky high.Even Kris was looking forward to a little action.Of course the inevitable happened I got two bites through the session which resulted in two mediocre flukes,Kris managed four,two lads to the left of us managed four a piece also.

It was that slow I was feeding the birds with maccy and blacks,which they enjoyed more than the fish did,so it seems.


This was my biggest at 33 cm,Kris faired a little better,I have had two blanks previously and so I was happy to catch but still a little bitter,things are drying up for me.


Next year no goals will be set,they only seem to pizz me off.So as I packed up, walking across the beach the sand and stone seemed to get softer,my feet were sinking in further,wtf….? Can’t of put any weight on I only had a flask ,no sarnies today,oh my bad it was the loser sign I was carrying on my soldiers as I trudged my way back to the car.

Got in and I really was not arsed about wetting a line,the info from Derek(findusb) for the rockling and from Chris (Bengal Lancer) for the Coaleys,It wouldn’t stop going around in my head all afternoon,what if I go here…Try this…that rig….with them hooks……Before I knew it I had spent the hour I had penciled in to spend with the Mrs,well she had cooked a great meal.I wasn’t looking forward to the session after this,I forced myself to go 😉 Honest…!

Got in the car and I was like a Teenager,give them advice until your blue in the face and they still do it there way and fail 😉 all the advice  going around in my head,I said to myself,stay away from the crowds,that spot where you caught a nice coaley a couple of years back,that will do nicely,in close for the rocklings and a little further out for the coaleys.To be honest I don’t know what I was playing at as info I was given was for a smaller tide and a different state,so there was no point all afternoon thinking about it you Donkey!

Set up as the first ripples hit the stones and waited,not long before the snitching rod was knocking,in came my first fish oh yes it’s a rocko is it a shore or three beard…..?


No it’s another 5 beard pants.


That was it my head went off on a random tangent,rockling shows ,that’s it you won’t catch jack now.Then a bit of weed shot up the line of the Excalibur J and that sent me in another direction,oh yes this is a sign of things to come,hammered with weed ffs.Not to be though the tip of the J went over I was fishing a single hook clipped up rig with fresh blacks,hello fish on,after a little play in it came,there was a little surf and it was trying it’s best to get away.I saw it on the stones and was chuffed to bits,this fish meant so much to me.There have been a few species that I have missed as the month’s went by,yes I caught a small one back in January but not for the hunt,get in.The feeling of relief,that you are actually doing it right,don’t change things,stick with it.Only downside it had eaten the 1/0 hook the greedy thing,well it will be going home for fish cakes then,tied on another hook a varivas 3/0 big mouth, swallow that you greedy blighter I said as I cast out about 60yds.


The scratching rod was in next,another rockling,come on,pants another 5 beard,baited up and cast out,settled down with a coffee and the excalibur went again,I forgot how good these Coaleys fight,cracking stuff,another gut hooked,greedy sod,make a couple more fish cakes,not like I take many home normally.


So on went a 4/0 big mouth,swallow that one I screamed as I turned to hit it out.Not to be though I brought in another one on the excalibur that swam off strongly,definitely like buses these things I thought,wasn’t complaining tho.The scratching rod went mental,tip went left,right shaking up and down,in came another coaley,even more fun on the home-made rod,pro-am Kevlar butt and a 2500lm tip,nice combo for the small fish,even better for the bigger ones.



My back twinged as I bent down to put the little beauty back,give it a couple more casts….See if we can get mr.coddo….Not to be it didn’t happen, the scratching rod had another hit on the last cast and what do you know a double shot.Got my Codlet after all lol


Really needed this session to keep me motivated and it has worked wonders,the busiest I have had in a couple of weeks.22 species caught in Cumbrian water,lets see if I can nail three more species before the end of the year 😉