Well Another Year..

  • Has come and gone,not a bad year it has to be said,is the fishing improving..? Or did I just have that buttered slice that tended to fall the right way up this year.I have had a productive year,hit my 25 species goal,my best achievement,had nearly three months break in peak times,shingles knocked me for six I was told it would take me about four months to fully recover,first thoughts were don’t talk sh1t but now I am feeling better in myself.Things are less of a struggle even though it’s winter,so what the hell do I know,maybe you were right love….? Did I really just say that, of course you were right your alway’s right.

So I have to be happy with my accomplishments.Of course there was very few trips away,the holiday to Oban was great and more rewarding it seems than just a few fish.Of course I wont forget my best bass, I had to wait god knows how long for from my favourite beach,a beauty for me especially considering the difficult conditions.No double but I enjoyed catching it.


Saying that it was just as thrilling to cast out a 3 hook flapper into the channel with size 6 hooks and bring in a full house of blenny’s,another first for me.


The species comp with W.S.F was damn good,enjoyed it immensly,a great shame there were no more takers in the northwest section.Thanks to all at W.S.F and Tronix for putting it on ;)Thought I held my own considering the amount of fishing I do,there was some lovely fish caught in Cumbrian waters for sure with one or two shocks.Learn’t new area’s like the back of my hand,got a little too friendly with one spot,knee-high in the septic pond.

I should be out there chasing two rocklings that are haunting me, but the boots are hung up,the gear washed down and stored,out has come the grow tent and two 600 watt metal halides,the onions have started to germinate whoop whoop.

So to pin point my best moment…. I am not sure I have one.With being in this kind of species hunt every fish is a delight to catch,May sound corny but it is so true. I won’t put too many pics up,you have all seen them, besides I don’t wish to reminisce just yet.If you want to see the pic’s then browse through the blog,which I might add has gone from strength to strength this year,Over 26,000 views,never thought for one minute that I would get so many views.That evening in August 2010 I remember like…..do I buggery,Just want to say thanks guy’s.I appreciate all the comments and views so much,it is however time to pull the plug,no I am not joking,I feel my reports have run there course as it were.I will see you down the beach from time to time,am still fishing so no insulting offers on the j curve please.

So that’s the Monkey signing off and ending a chapter as it were,it has been an enjoyable time,made mainly by the people reading this sort of carp…You.Thanks again guy’s there’s only one last thing to do,show my favorite pictures of the year,take great care guy’s have a safe and fish filled life!








Even the bass has a tear lol.Take it easy fella’s and thank’s again !