A Few Days Off


And still no fishing.Photography woohoo…….Was decorating for most of the time but was allowed a few hours off for good behaviour.Off I went with my kit bag for company,I jollied along the A590 pondering on where to go.

Now this may seem strange but I have never ventured further than Bowness as far as the lakes sight seeing goes,Yes guilty as charged for not appreciating fist hand the landcapes of the north, well that will change soon enough.I ventured a little further than Bowness not a lot granted but further.Ambleside,what a great place,beautiful,full of all types of people young and old all doing the same thing ,getting some fresh air and walking.Might have to take this hobby up,I wasn’t doing much walking straight to the waterfalls stockghyll.Was a lovely peaceful couple of hours,dare I say it I might of done this place justice with a few snaps,hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them.

Yes there will be fishing soon….well maybe.







DSC_3142_251_3_252_4_253_tonemappedAlso had a crack at the wire wool trick ,really enjoyed this and can see why people do it,was great fun.




No show without Punch as they say,here he is both now fully recovered from being neuteredDSC_2803_213